Govt fears hike in COVID-19 cases after elections.

The country has crossed the mid phase of the second wave of COVID-19, and the indicators are good so far compared to several countries in Europe and in the region, which entered the second wave of the pandemic, reports Al-Qabas daily quoting government sources.

They revealed about the fear among the government and health authorities regarding the polling day of the National Assembly elections, as after the announcement of the results, gatherings and dinner events held for the winners could lead to an increase in the number of COVID-19 cases.

They warned that the reintroduction of lockdown is on the table, whenever the situation calls for it.

The sources also indicated that it is too early to discuss the issue concerning imposing lockdown before or after the elections, because the indicators of COVID-19 vary day after day.

They said if the indicators improve after days and the infection rate decreases, the government will not resort to the option of another lockdown, even though the possibility is high.

The sources revealed that the elections committee is due to meet this week to determine the voting mechanisms, particularly for those who have been infected, and the media coverage process.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will issue a statement calling on citizens to suspend their travel to European countries for tourism purposes.

Reliable health sources warned against traveling to those countries, including Turkey, at the present time due to the rise in the rate of COVID-19 infections.

They indicated that a report will be submitted this week by the COVID-19 committee to the Minister of Health to be presented to the Cabinet, and this report will contain information regarding the health situation and the latest indicators of the pandemic.

The sources did not exclude the possibility of including Turkey in the list of 34 countries that are banned to enter Kuwait due to the country’s effort to combat the COVID-19 spread.

They stressed that several deaths of Kuwaiti citizens occured in the past week in Turkey after they contracted the virus, revealing that the bodies of two couples arrived recently after they succumbed to the COVID-19 infection.

Source- Arab Times.


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