About half a mln people benefited from ‘Shlonik’.

‘Social dialogue to limit COVID-19 impact’

“Shlonik” application is one of the most important technological developments Kuwait has introduced and which the Ministry of Health has benefited from in its plan to face COVID-19 spread in society.

About half a million people benefited from this application, director of the Public Health Department and the head of the main committee of the “Shlonik” application at the Ministry of Health, Dr. Fahad Al-Ghimlas told KUNA Wednesday.

The application aim is to follow up suspected cases of COVID-19 during the home quarantine and those infected too, Al-Ghimlas said. The application was launched in mid-April 2020 with the aim of following up people coming from abroad during the citizens’ evacuation campaign, and then its use was expanded to include contacts of positive cases and coronavirus patients, he added.

It allows quarantined people to enter important data and report symptoms as soon as they appear so that medical teams can discover positive cases as quickly as possible and put them under appropriate medical care, he said. Al-Ghimlas called on all people registered in the “Shlonik” application to follow the instructions and respond to the notifications sent to them, as well as abide by the quarantine procedures to prevent the spread of the virus.

Source- Arab Times.


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