Camping season ban due to corona virus causes losses for tent-makers.

The tents market at Al-Rai is in a state of ‘stagnation’ this year following the ban on camping season imposed by the government to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in the best interests of the citizens and expatriates, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

When the daily toured the market, many people who made good money during the camping season largely looked unhappy and many complained they lost a lot of money. In spite of the circumstances the country is going through, some say this is a golden opportunity to purchase tents for a low price in spite of the stagnation in the market.

Nonetheless, the Kuwaitis were seen crowding to buy tents for their pen house and chalets because that is where they can enjoy the camping season instead of an open area in the desert. The daily said a tent for animal pen cost 400 dinars and for a chalet 650 dinars.

A Kuwaiti who came to purchase a tent said, he will put a tent in the garden of his house and spend the winter. He said he is happy with the price of the tent this year, which is unlike in the past. Another Kuwaiti said how he wished the government would permit people to camp in the desert and supported the enforcement of health conditions. Meanwhile, the manufacturers said they are losing much business this year because of the corona pandemic. He lamented the situation the country is passing through.

Source- Arab Times.


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