Appointing non-Kuwaiti teachers on hold.

The Civil Service Commission (CSC) has instructed the Ministry of Education not to appoint any non-Kuwaiti teacher without its approval, reports Al-Anba daily quoting reliable sources. They explained that CSC instructed the ministry not to issue any decision to appoint non-Kuwaiti teachers until the file of each teacher is referred to CSC for review and it ensures that the conditions set by it for approval are fulfilled.

CSC withdrew the authority from the ministry after some of the appointees were discovered not to possess the required academic qualifications. In response to a question about the conditions for appointing non-Kuwaitis as teachers, the sources said, “The most important condition is that the job listed in the entry visa must be Teacher, even if he holds a specialized university degree”.

Regarding the reason for stopping appointments for teacher jobs, the sources said, “This is not true. However, four majors have been identified, which will give their holders approval for appointment during the current academic year. They are Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, and the Arabic language. However, this is acceptable only if other conditions related to age, years of experience and grades are met, and according to the categories approved by the Cabinet”.

Source- Arab Times.


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