Increase in Maids & Drivers running away from their sponsors.

There is a noticeable increase in the number of domestic workers fleeing the homes of their employers (their sponsors) to work in various fields within the private sector due to the enormity of work assigned to them throughout the day- especially after the decision to impose partial and total curfew, and the presence of all family members in the house.

The same sources indicated that some of them have expired work permits signed by their sponsors who are holding on to them, especially with the severe shortage the market suffers from due to the suspension of new recruitments and non-resumption of flights from some countries, including the ones providing domestic workers, such as India, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Nepal.

Returning to statistics, sources explained that company files of those who have been arrested in private sector will be suspended until it is confirmed that employers have done the needful in terms of facilitating their travel back to their home countries, and to convince the companies of their commitment to abide by labor laws.

With regard to domestic workers arrested in the campaign, the concerned authority will address the Ministry of the Interior represented by the General Administration of Residency Affairs Investigation to take legal measures against them and their sponsors.

Source- Arab Times.


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