MoI on constant vigilance, tracks those who don’t wear masks & keep distance.

The Directorate-General of Public Relations and Security Media Department of the Interior Ministry said the security authorities continue to keep in check all violators of the decisions issued by the Council of Ministers and preventive measures put in place by the health authorities to keep in check the spread of COVID-19, reports Al-Anba daily. The daily added, the preventive measures include wearing face masks in public and private places, social distancing and ban on gatherings.

The ministry clarified in a statement all violators of Cabinet decisions were immediately dealt with to prevent gatherings inside the country and that the law has been applied on everyone without discrimination.

The ministry said the security men on several occasions have dispersed people gathering in one place in violation of the decisions issued by the Council of Ministers and instructions of the health authorities.

Some of those organizing gatherings were summoned and referred to the concerned authorities. The Ministry has called upon citizens and residents to fully adhere to the laws, instructions and procedures in the interest of everyone’s safety.

In addition, a security source said the Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior for Public Security Affairs, Major-General Faraj Al-Zoubi said violators of the Council of Ministers decision were summoned for interrogation when clips were posted in the social media showing a wedding reception in the Ahmadi Governorate, another wedding that was happening in Sabah Al-Ahmad, another citizen who had organized a party in his home.

Source- Arab Times.


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