Sparsh once again makes the grade as a zealous master stroke @ICSK senior.

“Great people have great values and great ethics” –Jeffrey Gitomer

A unique program Sparsh-2020, a skilled and value based activity, was assumedby the students of the school as a holiday productive activity under two headlines: Parents supporting activity&Self-driven activity. In this regard, on the 17th of September 2020, an exclusive platformshowcasing the passionate and zealous joint approach of parents and their wards had been conducted which showcased the passionate presentation of the students& parents as well. Dr. SubhashB. Nair, Chairman CBSE Gulf Council& Principal Shantiniketan Indian School Doha, graced the occasion with his benign presence.

The program commenced with the Islamic prayer followed by the welcome address by Mrs. Jesha Alex, the Sparsh Coordinator.  Dr. V. Binumon, the Principal and Senior Administrator ICSK Senior, graciously welcomed the guest. The Principal, in his introductory speech conveyed to the children that Sparsh is an inspirational platform for the children to inculcate greater responsibilities and strong values in themselves.Mrs. Mini Shaji, Deputy Vice Principal introduced Dr.Subhash B. Nair Chairman CBSE Gulf Council, the Chief Guest for the evening to the gathering.

In his inaugural address Dr.Subhash B. Nair expressed his privilege for being a part of SPARSH and motivated and encouraged the children for their active participation. He highlighted the fact that the child must have the perfect balance between school and play. Activities that involve the entire faculty of the child are the pathway to overall development of the child. He also congratulated ICSK on its clear goals of quality enhancement with respect to bringing about defining changes upon the student through the implementation of series of value based undertakings.

SPARSH was inaugurated by the chief guest and a digital memento was presented by Dr. V.Binumon, to the Chief Guest as a token of appreciation and gratitude. This year the Sparsh activity took the form of power point presentations of the students which were absolutely up to the mark. Every participant contributed wonderful efforts towards the daily routine of their homes. The participants thanked the school for giving them such a wonderful opportunity that had helped them to instill all moral values and qualities in them such as being self dependent, being respectful towards elders, respect to work and enthusiasm etc.

The judges were all praise for the children and jointly voiced that the program had helped them to cherish their good old school memories. Digital mementos were shared by the Vice Principal Mrs. Susan Rajesh Pothenwith Category 2 and 3 judges, Mrs. GargiSivakumar, Mrs. Thara Rajeev and Mrs. SpoorthyShenoy. Deputy Vice Principal Mrs. Mini Shaji shared the digital mementos with Category 1 judges, Mrs. RohiniRajashekaran, Mrs. KavitaSarvesh and Mrs. ReshmiRavindran.Mrs. Susan Rajesh Vice Principal, proposed the vote of thanks and applauded the children and parents for thehard work that they had placed in their homes and that they were seeds planted with deep roots that would ensure responsible citizens of the society in future.

The major highlight of this year’s Sparsh series is that the winners would be benefitted academically and certificates will be availed by all the seventy-plus participants. The meeting ended on the high-spirited note that ‘where there is a will there is a way’, which has set a bench mark for possibilities in the minds of the young ones amidst the pandemic.


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