Car mishap on Dammam-Khobar Highway: Thousands mourn tragic death of 3 NRI best friends.

Indians across Saudi Arabia, especially those hailing from southern state of Kerala, mourned the tragic death of three youth who lost their lives in a car crash.

Muhammad Shafeeq, Ansif, and Sanad, all aged 22, were involved in a car accident while they were returning after attending the National Day celebrations held in Al-Khobar on September 24.

Their car lost control and turned upside down and hit some other cars near Dhahran while taking to a parallel road from the Dammam- Khobar Highway. All of them died on the spot and their car was completely mangled.

A large number of people, including relatives and friends, attended the funeral prayer and burial held on September 25.

The young men, who were born and brought up in Dammam, united in both life and death. Their parents had come from Kerala to Saudi Arabia more than two decades ago. They were childhood friends ever since their schooling at International Indian School, Dammam, from kindergarten onwards. They were laid to rest in graves close to each other in Dammam cemetery.

Social workers, led by Nas Vakkam, Jaafar Kondotty, and Shaji Wayanad, swung into action to complete all the procedures to facilitate their burial soon after the accident. A large number of people gathered at the premises of Dammam Medical Complex morgue where the bodies were kept and later at Dammam cemetery to pay last respects at around 2 p.m. on Friday.

It was heart-rending scenes when their family members and close friends bid adieu to the young men who were the most loved trio among the expatriate community. After education, Shafeeq who hailed from the Malappuram district was working along with his father Saidalavi Haji in a commercial establishment.

Ansif, from the Wayanad district, was pursuing his graduation in Bahrain while Sanad from Kozhikode was planning to continue higher studies after the lifting of the travel restrictions imposed following the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.


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