IKFS Executives Meet Sibi Geroge Indian Ambassador to Kuwait.

The Executive Members and Patrons of Indo-Kuwait Friendship Society, (WWW.INDO-
KWTFRIENDSHIPSOCIETY.COM) a socio-cultural non-profit friendship association in Kuwait , known to Indian Embassy in Kuwait met H.E. SIBI GEORGE, Indian Ambassador to Kuwait on 24th Sept. 2020 at the Ambassador’s office in the Indian Embassy, Kuwait.
Dr. Ghalib Al-Mashoor, President, introduced the Executive members, Patrons of the IKFS. Al-
Mashoor added that Former Justice Late Ravindar Sachar, (Head of the Sachar Committee, and Delhi High Court) was the Chief Patron of IKFS from 2012 onwards until his demise. H.E. Sibi Geroge, asked about the cultural and social activities carried out by IKFS since its inception.
IKFS briefed H.E. as follows: IKFS Organized: Free training classes for Indian school students “Easy way of calculating Mathematics and Arithmetic” by world Class Trainer Dr. Dhawal Bhatia. Calligraphy competitions in Hindi, Urdu and Arabic. Essay Competitions in English and Arabic languages Various Seminars on Indian economy Award presented for the best Essay competition winners who contributed on Indian Economy stimulations.
Yearly organization of Ifthar and Gabka while inviting various non-Muslims and Muslims
Touristic Trips to Kuwaiti monuments. Seminars on Students admissions and College student issues Honoring senior level citizens and Patrons of IKFS Mushaera and Poem events etc…
And various undocumented socio-cultural activities carried out since its foundation in Kuwait for the benefit of fellow Indian citizens in Kuwait. IKFS Executives explained that the purpose of foundation of IKFS is that to bridge the relationship (while preserving) cultural identities and social harmonizing between the nationals of India and Kuwait, on one side, and other side is to
coordinate with the day to day problems faced by our fellow Indian citizens and to solve their problems through the support of Kuwaiti friends and Indian Embassy officials.
Patron Fawaz Taher, explained to H.E. during the pandemic corona season from March to June, IKFS carried out distribution of food items who are non-capable of getting food and salary, and this was done with limited curfew passes, eventhough IKFS has requested to the Embassy to arrange pass for curfew affected areas. Fawaz Tahir and Advocate Faleh Al Dossary thanked H.E. Ambassador for the meeting, while praising Indians as the best preferred expatriate community in Kuwait, and that’s why, day to day Indians’ number are growing which now stands at about One million Indians in Kuwait. Attorney Al-Dossary also offered legal consultancy services, solving legal issues, labor issues etc…. for the Indian expatriates if Indian Embassy may give chance to serve with consultancy services.
Fawaz Al-Taher, owning a Medical clinic in Salmiya under the name “MARINA MEDICAL CLINIC” also requested H.E. Sibi George for the alignment of coordination in recruiting Indian medical and health care staff for Kuwait. IKFS team thanked H.E. Sibi Geroge for the meeting and was presented a memento in appreciation for H.E.’s contributions towards the welfare of the Indian community in Kuwait. Naser T.P. First Vice President , A K S Abdul Nazar, General Secretary, Sudhakaran P.C., Secretary, Zainab Ghalib, Executive Member also attended the meeting.

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