ICSK Sets a benchmark by arranging a webinar on artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence sometimes called machine intelligence is intelligence demonstrated by machines, unlike the natural intelligence displayed by humans and animals. It mimics human intelligence. The computer has to learn how to respond to certain actions, so it uses algorithms and historical data to create something called a propensity model. Propensity model will then start making predictions.

AI now plays a major role in human’s life. It has made even made work easier. It has also been included in academics. The Indian Community School, Kuwait arranged a webinar on Artificial Intelligence on 12th Sep 2020, on the virtual platform for a futuristic approach for the teachers of all CBSE schools in Kuwait.

The resource person for this webinar was Mrs. HemaDhingra, Subject Expert and Author, Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science. This session was organized for a better understanding of AI, global prospects of AI, scope of AI for the new generation and also to discuss the new challenges and benefits.

The programmewas  witnessed by other dignitaries, the honourable members of Board of Trustees ICSK, Principals, Vice Principals, Deputy Vice Principals, HODs, Academic Supervisors and teachers of all the four branches of ICSK.Theprogramme commenced with the Islamic prayer by Mr. YousufShabbir Dept. of Computer Science ICSK Senior followed by the Kuwait national anthem. Dr. V Binumon Principal and Senior Administrator ICSK Senior, delivered the welcome address and cordially welcomed the guest speaker Mrs. HemaDhingra and other honourable dignitaries. Mr. A George Swamy HOD Computer Science ICSK Senior, introduced the chief guest to the audience.

Mrs. HemaDhingra took over the stage introducing AI to the teachers. She said AI is now a part of our life whether we know it or not and whether we accept it or not. However, What affect would this have on education? AI makes learning experience a lot more meaningful for the students as with the help of AI, teachers are able to adapt quite easily to the individual learning related requirement of a student. Delivering instructions to a student, grading assignments, providing better learning materials, using better method of learning for the students, helping students improve in those areas they lag in, providing meaningful feedback to the students, creating a global classroom etc becomes a lot more easier for the teachers with the introduction of AI. Similarly it has its own disadvantages too. A lot of stimulating slides were presented during the session which made it even more interesting and edifying. An interactive session was also organised for the teachers to communicate to the guest speaker.

Mr. k GangadharShirshath Principal ICSK Khaitan,  presented a digital memento to the guest speaker Mrs. Hema, as a token of gratitude. Mrs. Sushmeeta Prakash Deputy Vice Principal ICSK Khaitan proposed the vote of the thanks, and thanked all the guests for gracing the occasion. The session was wound up with the Indian national anthem.

“AI is about replacing human decision making with sophisticated technologies.”


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