Ministry denies rumors coronavirus test results were sent to people who didn’t take such tests.

Ministry of Health has denied the rumors that COVID- 19 laboratory test results were sent to people who did not take such tests. In a statement, the ministry highlighted the importance of verifying news from official sources to ensure the validity of the information before it is circulated.

It categorically denied the circulated reports about the results of laboratory swab tests for COVID-19 being sent to people who did not undertake such tests in the first place. The ministry clarified that the procedures followed in this regard are rigid.

They involve taking personal data such as name, phone number and civil ID number. Even though more than one person may share a phone number, the result of the swab test reaches via a text message to the phone number that was provided, accompanied by the civil ID number of the person who underwent the test.

The Ministry of Health called upon everyone to be careful before publishing and transmitting unverified information, and to refer with the official sources before circulating the information to ensure its accuracy.

Source- Arab Times.


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