Bohra community prays for Amir’s health

A supplication session was held after Juma’a Prayer on Friday at the Burhan Center of the Bohra Community in Ardiya, beseeching Allah Almighty for the speedy recovery of His Highness the Amir of Kuwait, praying for His safe return to Kuwait. The session was opened by reciting verses of the Holy Quran, and the Lauding Poem of the good traits of Our Prophet (PBUH).

The worshippers then supplicated for the speedy recovery of His Highness the Amir. Representative of His Holiness Sultan of the Bohra Community, Sheikh Yahia Badri, gave a sermon started by praying for the blessings of Allah be upon Our Prophet, His Family, and All of His Companions. He reminded the Borha Community of the necessity for taking all precautions to ward off the dangers of COVID-19, observing social distancing, and wearing facemasks.

He supplicated to Allah Almighty to bestow speedy recovery, long living, good health and safety from all evils on His Highness the Amir. Sheikh Yahia also expressed deep gratitude for the patronage of His Highness the Amir, His Highness the Crown Prince, and the government for the Bohra Community, who lives in peace on this kind land. “As a token of gratitude, we should thank Allah for His graces we enjoy in Kuwait. It is indeed that speaking of such graces is a token of thanking to Allah, Who promised a great reward for those who thank Him. Allah, the Almighty, says in the Munificent Quran, ‘If you give thanks, I will give you more’,” he said.

Meanwhile, Sheikh Youssef Badri recalled that His Holiness the Bohra Sultan always advises his followers to live peacefully in peace on this kind land, strictly complying with all regulations, rules and laws of Kuwait, as well as sharing the responsibility for developing this country through various services and trading. He expressed his highest considerations and gratitude to the government, represented by His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled Al-Sabah, and his Cabinet members, for the relentless efforts they exert for containing COVID-19 and better protecting the health of locals and expatriates on equal footing.

He also thanked the members of the National Assembly and the noble people of Kuwait, who are distinguished for their benevolence and good manners. “They also offer in-kind aids, exempting tenants of rentals, and paying salaries to their employees during the lockdown period,” he said. He praised all societies and charitable organizations “for their huge efforts in helping people during such hard and harsh circumstances.” The session ended by supplication for bestowing good health on His Highness the Amir and for his safe return to Kuwait sooner, and praying for His Highness the Crown Prince to enjoy permanent good health.


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