Many more mosques to be opened starting from Dhuhr prayer from today

As per news being circulated since yesterday night via WhatsApp groups, many more mosques are to be opened for people today starting from afternoon Duhr prayer, this time areas like Farwaniya and Salmiya are included in the list. 

People in those area are very excited to offer prayers at masjid which is being opened after long period of closure. Q8India spoke to Mr. Istiaq Ahmed who is one of such excited musalli, he said “I’m eagerly waiting to offer prayer in masjid as it’s been very long time since i couldn’t visit masjid during lock down, for me Masjid is part of my life, I would like to Thank  The State of Kuwait for allowing people to pray at masjid, May Allah protect all of us from this pandemic. Insha Allah we will go to to masjid with all the health precautions as instructed by ministry of Awqaf and  Ministry of Health.” 

As per ministry guidelines, Masjid will be opened only for short period before Adhan and after prayer, everyone has to do wadhu at home and should bring musallah and should wear mask all the time

If you happen to pray at masjid today then please leave your  comments  below so that community can benefit from this news. 

Expatriates praying afternoon Dhuhr prayer at masjid in Salmiya after long gap. Photo shared by Mr. Abdul Moiz Send your photos via WhatsApp to +91 87478 77822

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  1. Fahim Ahmed Patel August 10, 2020 3:14 pm Reply

    Alhamdulillah prayed dhuhr Salah in Masjid Sanad Khaitan.

  2. Ishtiaq Ahmed August 10, 2020 9:51 pm Reply

    Ma Sha Allah today is the Eid for me,
    The moment I stepped into the masjid I got tears
    and started praying Allah Subhanatalah not to shut the doors of His House again on us, you are alone we worship , we need your Guidance to be at your straight path, Aameen.

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