Amid higher recoveries, 77% of Delhi’s population still susceptible to coronavirus

A serological survey has found that 77% of Delhi’s population is still susceptible to coronavirus, the government said Tuesday.

The results of the sero survey came as Delhi is recording a higher rate of recoveries and lower cases of new infections and casualties due to Covid-19.

“The sero surveillance was done in Delhi to estimate the prevalence of Covid-19 infection among the general community of Delhi. After nearly 6 months into the pandemic, 22.86% people have been affected and 77% of the population remains susceptible to the virus,” Dr. Sujeet Kumar Singh,Director, National Centre for Disease Control, said at a briefing.

The serological survey in the national capital had begun on June 27 to determine the extent of the coronavirus disease (Covid-19)’s spread.

Some of the districts showed a sero-prevalence of about 27%.

“Eight out of 11 districts have sero-prevalence more than 20%. In central, northeast, north and Shahdara districts have sero-prevalence of about 27%, Dr Singh said.

During the serological survey blood samples were taken from randomly selected people. The survey involved rapid tests for antibodies, to study the scale of undetected infections.

The samples were tested to ascertain the population-level presence of the IgG antibody, which indicates past infection.

Delhi’s Covid-19 tally stands at over 1.23 lakh with more than 15,000 active cases while 3.663 people have died of the disease so far.

Source: Hindustan Times


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