Welfare Kerala Kuwait fulfills historic mission; the first free charter flight flew to Kozhikode

Welfare Kerala Kuwait organizes an historic charter flight totally free for expats in Kuwait to Kozhikkode airport, which has arrived this evening. The Jazeera flight become airborne this afternoon from Kuwait international Airport carrying 164 passengers and 8 crew members.

“A dream turned into reality” the leaders of Welfare Kerala Kuwait stated about the successful mission. It was the first charter flight from Kuwait to India offering free charity tickets to all the passengers. In addition to free tickets, PPE kits and complementary snacks were also being distributed by Team Welfare volunteers at the airport. A surprise gift of INR 2400 (10KWD) also was distributed to all the adult passengers, which was a great relief to those who returned bare handed due to the pandemic crisis.

Most deserving passengers were selected from the applications received, giving priority to the sick, the elderly, those who have lost their jobs and other low-income expatriates.

The participatory charter flight project has received great support from the kind-hearted people and from Jazeera Airways as well.

Welfare Kerala Kuwait President Raseena Muhyuddin said, “We are pleased to be able to carry out the historic mission of repatriating those stranded in the Gulf countries and let this be an inspiration to others.”

The organizers expressed their gratitude to the supporting organizations, communities and individuals who contributed to this mission.

Anwar Saeed led the charter flight project. Anwar Shaji, Khalilur Rahman, Laik, Vinod Perera, Anian Kunju, Ashkar Maliyekkal, Najeeb CK, Shaukat Valanchery, Vishnu Natesh, Shafeer and Rafeeq Babu coordinated the activities of various departments.


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