Class X Results -ICSK’S Success saga continues; Topper scores 99.6%; 98% students secure Distinction

The Indian Community School, Kuwait’s magnificent tradition of academic excellence continued this year too, as seen from the CBSE class X results 2020. The exuberance of victory and cheer radiated all over the school premises as ICSK students trod brilliantly over the road to success. The students of the school have once again brought laurels to their alma mater by showcasing an impressive academic performance.

It is indeed an incredible achievement for the school as all 391 students, the largest number in Kuwait who appeared for the class X examination passed with flying colours proclaiming 100% pass percentage with all of them securing first class. Darius Lal Kishor Lal topped with 99.6 % followed by Melba Elsa Joe in the second position with 98.8% and Michelle Gina Mathew, Grita Joyce Godly, Ahmed Layan & Jay Ajit Barot shared the third position with an aggregate of 97.8 %.

ICSK carved a splendid niche with its students achieving centum Scores in English, Mathematics, Social Science, French & ITC making the school scale greater heights with their brilliant efforts. In a recording breaking performance 1 student scored 100 marks in English whereas 7 students attained the same in French. In Social Science there was 1 student & in Mathematics 3 students got 100 marks achievement. In ITC 45 students scored 100 marks. Out of the 391 students who appeared for the examination 98% students have secured distinction adding yet another feather to the crowning glory of ICSK.

 The Centum scorers & their subjects are as follows: Muskan Nisar Ahmed Shaikh-English & ITC, Joanna Ann Manoj –French, Melba Elsa Joe-French, Adhra Panikkassery Sajayan –French, Milan Abraham Mathew –French,  Akash Alexes –French, Nanda Krishna-French & Maths,  Darius Lal Kishor Lal –French ,Social Science & ITC,  Jeswin Suju- Mathematics, Kittu Shan Murugesan-Mathematics, Safa Samir Khan Pathan –ITC ,Rohan Eldho – ITC, Ethan Shibu Issac – ITC,  Jamie Jayson – ITC, Sakina Yusuf Baniyan – ITC ,Jay Ajit Barot – ITC, Joanna Ann Manoj – ITC, Anagha Ajith Menon- ITC, Masrurah Nafees Sheikh –ITC,  Rashida Mannan Sanjeliwala- ITC, Nuha Imtiyaz Khamkar –ITC, Suha Ahmed –ITC, Danica Wilona Monteiro- ITC, Syed Fareed Hashim Ghouse – ITC, Leroy Ethan D’souza- ITC, Sheza Gafoor-ITC,  Simran- ITC, Afifah Farheen- ITC, Akash Alexes- ITC, Arbaz Khan- ITC, Rameez Roshan Wangde- ITC,  Khaluq Akbar Hussain- ITC,  Grita Joyce Godly –ITC, Rohit Kalarickal Sohan- ITC,  Nawal Hossain-ITC, Muhammed Shamil- ITC, Milan Abraham Mathew- ITC,  Malavika Sreekumar -ITC ,Judith Elsa George- ITC, Hiba Thasneem- ITC, Rukasar Rais Ahmed Shaikh- ITC, Anjana Revi Prasad- ITC, Anna Deena Santhosh –ITC, Burhanuddin Mustafa -ITC ,Vishnu Narayanan Vinodkumar – ITC, Harshanth Raja- ITC,  Mohammed Saad- ITC, Jane Giselle Crasto –ITC, Davina Siji Sebastian- ITC, Julia Susan Alexander- ITC, Jesu Joel George-ITC, Ashton Affos- ITC,  Joven Cheuparambil Jose –ITC.

Muskan Nisar Ahmed Shaikh is the top scorer in Hindi with 96 marks and Jeswin Suju , Melba Elsa Joe, Rachel Mariam Abraham, Hussain Bedawala &  Kittu Shan Murugesan are the toppers in Science with 99 Marks. Hafeeza Maqsood Ahmed,Ahmed Layan  Sameeha, Abdul Malik are the high achievers in Mathematics (Basic) scoring 99 marks.

Outstanding performance in class X lays the foundation for the future success of students and also inspires the upcoming batches to bring grandeur to the school. This is the result of the hard work of students, personalized care and attention that ICSK teachers provide under the unrelenting patronage of the management and last but not the least by the moral support provided by parents. Congratulations to all the students for their fruitful endeavours in achieving academic excellence. By achieving thumbing accomplishments in all curricular subjects, they added yet another resplendent plume to the crowning glory of the school.


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