Personality of the month Mr. Numan Vasaiker, Man at the forefront of IMA Kuwait charity activity during Covid-19 lockdown in Kuwait, The well-known news portal in Kuwait recently had the pleasure of having a chat with Mr. Numan Vasaiker, Incharge of Social Service Department of Indian Muslim Association Kuwait who is at the fore front of social service activity during pandemic COVID-19. 

Q8India – Tell us about efforts being carried out by your organization to tackle challenges faced by expatriates in Kuwait during Covid-19 lockdown. 

Numan: Kuwait witnessed a surge in Covid-19 cases and started lock-down. We appreciate Kuwait Government’s vision, precautionary measurements taken and imposition of lockdown plans in phases. For a few days people managed but as days passed, few families from the expatriate community faced a need for food supply. It grew more when private sector offices and business centers and markets were closed. Then there  was a huge appeal from different people asking for help as they didn’t have money to purchase basic needs. IMA with the help of Kuwaiti NGO started distributing ration kits which had basic needed items like Rice, Cooking Oil, Atta, Sugar, Dal etc which was required for one family to consume it for one month. More than 800 families in different localities of Kuwait were benefited. Our volunteers took extra care to follow the advisory of social distancing while distributing the ration kits. 

What we have started is very small, whereas appeal is coming from many areas in Kuwait. Our well-wishers, friends, colleagues, and local residents were approaching IMA to take the initiatives. But we had very small resources to tackle the situation. 

We gathered information and created data sheets which included all relevant details. We shared it with Kuwaiti Organizations to assist the people. We came to know K-Govt initiated a common online form for Charity Organization, IMA in its initial day’s shared that link with the people and encouraged them to fill the online form. 

People’s continuous follow up for their desperate needs and urgency compelled us to allocate some funds for it. For fund raising, first we asked our members to contribute, and the very next day we started to prepare the Kits and start distributing it. We tried our best to arrange it and we got the support from our IMA Members, some Individual Friends, Indian community Organization; especially Embassy from “Indian Community Support Group”. With all these supports IMA reached thousands of low wages deserving people in Kuwait.

At this moment I am very much thankful to all the people who supported us, emotionally and physically.

Q8India – Tell us something about the kind of people and their situation you came across while doing social service during this period of time. 

Numan: Each member of IMA, came across with a different heart touching story. It’s very difficult to express those emotions and their grieves in words. The smiles on grieved faces boosted  energy in our volunteers and kept them motivated till date and made them to exert all best possible efforts to reach these people and help in their hard times.  We came across all kinds of people, families struggling to make ends meet, bachelors without jobs and without money, One case of an individual I remember, of a person who came to Kuwait by investing 2000 KD which he borrowed from his friends in India.  He is still without a job and money, he was crying when I met him to check his condition. He said sometimes he had spent the whole day without food as he did not have money to buy anything. We,IMA, tried our level best to deliver a ration kit and some cash for his daily expenses. 

Many families with small kids approached for help. There is a case of a small family in which a two months old infant needed milk which we helped to arrange with ration. IMA volunteers were waiting to deliver the Kit, 2 small children came out of the flat and approached us. One of the girls started checking the kit but her face grew dark. Our volunteer noticed sadness on her face asked her. At first she hesitated, then said Uncle! There is no chocolate in this kit. Grief was seen clearly on her face. No doubt it was a simple question but it was an emotional scene. Our Volunteer with tearful eyes purchased a few chocolates from a nearby shop and gave them to her. Her face glowed with joay. He says, “I bought joy for the first time in my life”.    

Q8India – We all know that IMA Kuwait is one of the largest muslim organizaitons in Kuwait, Tell us something about the organization and its activities. 

Numan: IMA is one of the active Indian organizations which strives for;  promoting Islamic awareness amongst the Indian Muslim community, eradicating evil by promoting high moral and ethical values amongst the Indian community, inculcating communal harmony amongst the Indian community. It also organizes social welfare activities for service to humanity and cultivates a sense of responsibility toward the society and country.

My responsibility is to lead the Social Service Department, our focused area is Indian Community of Kuwait, without religious barriers. For more information you may visit our official website. 

Q8India –  What other social service activity you guys do during normal time in Kuwait.                           

Numan: We conduct different types of programmes for the upliftment of Education,  we organize different types of activities like ; Blood Donation & Medical Camps, beach cleaning, tree plantation, save water campaign Special & Emergency cases, skill enhancement lectures.

Q8India – What kind of social service activity do you guys do to help people back in India ? 

Numan: IMA Social Service Department is purely focused Kuwait based activities in INDIAN COMMUNITY and for Kuwaiti Society (blood donation, beach cleaning, tree plantation, save water campaign etc.

Q8India –  We have seen a lot of layoffs and people are losing jobs during this tough time, Do you have any plan for such people to help ? 

Numan: IMA is everything to help people in distress, for jobless people members in our association, we have started JOB CELL to assist members to share the vacancies information and find available vacancies in various sectors. We also share CV’s of people to concerned companies and request to help these people

Q8India –  Tell us more about IMAs involvement with Indian Community Support Group, A Indian Embassy initiative ? 

 Numan: Under the guidance of the Embassy of India Kuwait, ICSG (Indian Community Support Group) which was formed recently to respond to the basic and urgent needs of the Indian Community in Kuwait under this Pandemic and IMA was invited to be part of this effort, since then Mr. Mohammad Hasan who was assigned the responsibility to coordinate this task along with Social Service team have been actively taking part in distributing ration kits to needy people all over Kuwait. Till now ICSG has distributed more than 6000 ration kits to deserving low wage earners in Kuwait with active participants of all the volunteers of different indian organizations in Kuwait including IMA. In one of the recent ration distribution ceremonies, Indian ambassadors H.E. Jeeva Sagar applauded the role played by IMA during ration distribution. IMA with its Kuwait wide volunteers team network is always ready to assist the community and whenever called for.

Q8India: Your final message to the community ? 

Numan: IMA believes in team work and different individuals are engaged by the organization to serve the society of Kuwait within the parameters of law. I pray to Almighty that, He may remove this challenging period of Covid-19 from the whole world and give sigh of relief to the sufferings of people.  


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