Isolating Maboula reduced infection of coronavirus in the area

With total lockdown coming to an end on May 30, informed sources revealed that the number of corona virus infection in Mahboula decreased due to isolation policy applied in that area.

The sources added that the Ministry of Health teams discovered 20 – 30 cases of infections from contact in Mahboula in past two days and the infected were subjected to hopme quarantine according to the protocols.

The sources stated that the infected persons have to sign an acknowledgment that he is being notified by the relevant authorities of the Ministry of Health to confirm his infection with the Corona virus, as well as has to follow all instructions, advice, precautionary measures and decisions issued by the ministry, adhere to quarantine in accordance with the procedures determined by the health authorities and not to leave the house, or contact with those in the house.

In the event that the person violates the Ministry’s instructions, he bears legal responsibility in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 8 of 1969 and its amendments, regarding health precautions to prevent communicable diseases, noting that critical cases are being transferred to the hospital that specializes in dealing with Corona infections and at the discretion of the health teams.

Source : Arab Times


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