Govt proposed plans for offices after “Total Lockdown”

The government presented to the parliamentarians during the meeting at the National Assembly theater about the plan that will be implemented after the period (30th May) of total lockdown as follows:

The results evaluation of risk indicators
• Likely implementation of partial curfew and strict implementation to follow health guidelines
• Periodic monitoring
• Dealing with the opening of activities gradually and flexibly under the directions of Ministry of health.

General health requirements in the work areas

1. Social distancing requirements at the workplaces must be re-organized so that the distance between workers is not less than 2 meters (10 square meters per person)
• Separation and dimensions of offices, chairs and the rest of the furniture (a distance of not less than 2 meters)
• Prevent gatherings in rest rooms and places of worship
• Prevent eating and drinking in groups in workplaces and other places provided that the food is consumed individually and by using single-use food packs or personal utensils for each person that is washed at home
• Display signboards for spacing and information placed in every workplace (such as colored floor stickers)
• Commitment to provide training on how to wear and remove personal protective devices
• Reducing physical contact between employees as well as with visitors

2. Personal protection
• Must wear masks which is mandatory all the time in all workplaces and to hold accountable those who do not adhere to the health guidelines
• Prevent use of work surfaces used commonly (meeting-rooms, tables and blackboards etc.)
• Sanitize surfaces which are used such as washrooms continuously and provide masks, sanitizers, gloves and other protective clothing
• Provide soaps and hand washing
• Payment such as paper and cash to be excluded and rely on non-touch electronic communication

Source : Arab Times


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