The Indian Community School conducts Virtual Professional Development Training Programme for Teachers

WHO DARES TO TEACH MUST NEVER CEASE TO LEARN. The Indian Community School had organized a teachers’ professional development programme on 21st May 2020 through a virtual online training programme for around 400 teachers of ICSK. This was the second virtual programme that the school had arranged. The training session was arranged in two separate sessions. The sessions were taken by two most notable resource persons from India, Mr. Cherian Varghese and Mr. George Karunackal.

There has been an increasing interest in e-learning in teachers training programmes at universities during the last 10 years. With the developing technology, educational methods have differed as well as many other processes. E-learning could shortly be defined as a web based educational system on platform with internet, intranet or computer access. So in order to meet the challenges such a training session was arranged by ICSK to well equip its teachers.

The training programme was witnessed by Honourable Secretary of Board of Trustees Mr. Azharuddin Amer Mohammed, Principals, Vice Principals, Deputy Vice Principal of ICSK. The first session was presented by Mr. Cherian Varghese, a corporate trainer, motivational speaker who is and excel graduate of JCI University Florida, USA. The subject for the session was Reboot to Restart. It got the carpet rolled with the Islamic prayer by Mrs. Ruksana. The distinguished guests were heartily welcomed by Dr. V Binumon Principal and Senior Administrator ICSK Senior, with the welcome speech. Dr. Mary Isaac Vice Principal ICSK Amman, introduced the resource person Mr. Cherian Varghese.

The session REBOOT TO RESTART commenced with an energizing array of questions and tasks given to the teachers. He said that teaching is both a skill and an art and that is why many people are not able to do it. Some do it for a while and some do it forever. He reminded the teachers about the current pandemic crisis the world is going through and the ways to overcome it. He enlightened the teachers about developing a facility to meet the crisis and also about an era where humans would come back with more positive energy in them. Invention, Innovation and Disruption is something we must focus upon. He educated the teachers about the vital difference between React and Response. The teachers were exposed to various new methods that could be followed in online classes. Adaptability and flexibility were the watch words in the entire session. The session was wound up with sharing a few tips by Mr. Cherian. Corona must be considered as a reason to adapt new skills, invent novel concepts and learn the skills of survival. One must know to Realize, Foresee and Act accordingly.

“You can’t play today’s game with yesterday’s tricks”, which means game plan needs to be changed. Later on an interactive session was also arranged wherein,the queries of the teachers were entertained. Dr. V Binumon, Principal ICSK Senior, conveyed his heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Cherian on behalf of the entire crew of ICSK. Mrs. Sheeja, Vice Principal ICSK Junior, proposed the vote of thanks.

The resource person for the second session was Mr. George Karunackal, an eminent corporate trainer and motivational speaker from India. He is a consultant trainer in HR Department and also a Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy. The session commence with the Islamic prayer by Mrs. Mehtab. Mr. Rajesh Nair, Principal ICSK Amman, cordially welcomed the resource person Mr. George Karunackal, with the welcome speech. Mrs. Mini Shaji Deputy Vice Principal ICSK Senior, introduced the resource person.

The subject for the session was Emotional Intelligence. This entire session was full of questions and answers. He said that according to Daniel Goleman, a teacher requires only 15% of IQ and rest 85% is Emotional Intelligence [EQ]. A teacher must know to make use of her emotions in a productive manner. He explained the true meaning of TEACHER.

T stands for Tactile, E stands for Empowerment, A stands for Appreciation, C stands for Connect, H stands for Hearing/ Listen, E stands for Empathy and R stands for Resolve. A teacher needs to be tactile for the physical, intellectual, emotional and social growth of a child. A teacher must know to appreciate her children. A teacher with a good emotional quotient always listens, mentors, associates and relates to her children in a very positive way.

The session ended with a very apt quote, “If you want to leave footprints in the sands, then don’t drag your feet.” Become a teacher with a good EQ.

In the interactive session, all the teachers along with clarifying their doubts, also expressed their gratitude for having received the opportunity to be a part of the wonderful session.

Dr. V Binumon, Principal ICSK expressed his sincere gratitude and ecstasy on behalf of ICSK. The fruitful session came to an end with the proposing of Vote of Thanks by Mrs. Susan Rajesh, Vice Principal ICSK Senior. A very communicative and informative session indeed.



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