Kuwaitis allowed to travel

Deputy Director of the General Administration of Civil Aviation, Saleh Al-Fadaghi, revealed that the administration is ready to operate commercial flights to and from Kuwait International Airport by mid of next month in June with an initial operational capacity of 40 percent, administration is awaiting for instructions in this direction.

Al-Fadaghi told that : The Civil Aviation Administration is ready for any plan submitted by the Council of Ministers, whether for evacuation or gradual restart, as we are expected to work with a capacity of up to 40 percent.

Since the beginning of this month, we have received a number of requests from Kuwaiti citizens who wish to travel to a number of countries, including the Gulf states, London, America, and Cairo, where approximately 300 citizens have already left so far on board by Qatar Airways to Doha and by transit to their destination.

Al-Fadaghi also revealed that Kuwaitis wishing to travel in special cases are allowed, where they can book tickets on a number of airlines, provided that the traveler gets the approval of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which allows him that he will be sole responsible for any health issues signed on a written commitment to exit and the state will not bear the healthcare or financial cost in any emergency caused to him in the country he wishes to travel.

All these days Kuwait Airport was operating at a very minimal scale due to the closures of world’s airports, but currently we are working in coordination with all workers to be on alert. On instructions of competent authorities to restart and open it will be gradually done according to international laws and health organizations, and we will adhere to the requirements set accordingly. Social distancing, wearing of masks, covering the hands, sterilizing the airport and devices on a daily and continuous basis with all flights, in addition to the requirements for airlines and adherence to observe those precautions imposed by the International Air Organization ICAO and IATA .

He stated that the cargo planes operations continued since the crisis began 3 months ago, they were operating with a capacity of up to 20 flights per day, having cargo of medical devices and equipment, foodstuffs and basic commodities.

Source : Arab Times


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