Azim Premji is World’s 3rd Biggest Private Donor Towards COVID19: Forbes

According to the Forbes magazine list of top 10 private donations towards the fight of the coronavirus pandemic, India’s Azim Premji stands at the 3rd position with the donation of Rs. 1,125 crores. He is the only Indian to be featured on the list.

The coronavirus pandemic that emerged first in the Wuhan city of China has engulfed the world and has become the biggest humanitarian crisis the generation has seen. While the governments are trying to ensure public health safety and also keep the economy afloat, many philanthropists and citizens have come forward to contribute towards the fight against the COVID-19.

In India too, many entrepreneurs, businessmen, and philanthropists have made significant contributions to the fight against the pandemic. One of the biggest contributors among them is Wipro founder Azim Premji. Premji is known for his philanthropic deeds apart from being one of the leading business tycoons of the country.

The Forbes magazine recently came up with a list of the top private donations made towards the fight against COVID-19 across the globe. In that list, Azim Premji of India is the third biggest private donor who has helped financially in the crisis. He is the only Indian to be featured on the list which primarily consists of US Billionaires.

In the month of April, when the pandemic was still on the rise in the country, Premji pledged Rs. 1,125 crores towards the cause. The money is aimed to help the medical and other frontline workers who have been relentlessly fighting in the cause despite having a risk to their lives. The money is also utilized to help the economically backward sections of the society who have suffered the most.

Out of the 1,125 crores, the Azim Premji foundation donated a total of 1,000 crore rupees, Wipro donated 100 crores, and Wipro enterprises have committed to 25 crore rupees to help the cause.

Forbes’ data says that 77 billionaires across the globe have donated to various causes that aim at tackling the COVID-19 situation. Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, is the biggest contributor with his pledge of Rs. 7,549 crores. The second biggest is Microsoft founder Bill Gates along with Melinda Gates with a donation of 1,925 crores.

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