An interview with Afsar Ali from Insure & Secure, The well-known news portal in Kuwait recently had the pleasure of having a chat with Mr. Afsar Ali, Risk Management Specialist from Insure & Secure and discussed about their app ‘Saiyarti‘ for car insurances.

Q. Tell us something about you and your professional career.

A. I have a reasonably long experience of close to two decades holding senior management level positions in the field of Life and General insurance. I have worked in both the sectors with some of the world’s most renowned multinational insurance companies. There was a time in life when I took a serious call, that I should not be representing only one particular company. That’s when I chose for a future in the Insurance brokerage model, which is the right solution for the clients as they have different needs. As a professional ‘RISK MANAGEMENT SPECIALIST’, me and my team do a thorough needs analysis for both individual or corporate clients. I strongly believe, this is the right way for any business model across the world. Especially when it comes to a very critical industry like insurance, this becomes a very important part, as most of the people I see today, that just products are being sold instead of right and adequate protection solutions.

Q. Tell us about your Mobile application, ‘Saiyarti’.

A. I am highly excited to share information about ‘Saiyarti’. This is the first and fully automated online app in ‘Kuwait’ dedicated for obtaining or renewing the Motor Third Party Liability (TPL) policies. Through this, any one can download the app on iOS or android application and within minutes they are able to upload their vehicle details to purchase the policy. Once verified the policy is delivered to doorstep of the customers’ choice in two to three working days. The customer can upload one or more vehicles of the family members and very conveniently view and manage the future renewals at fingertips.

Q. What was the motivation behind creation of the App ‘Saiyarti’?

A. ‘Saiyarti’ is a part of the ‘Insure & Secure’ group which has been involved in the field of Insurance for over 40 years. We are motivated by Challenges in the market. The biggest challenge of the motor insurance business in Kuwait is of buying the mandatory ‘Motor Third Party Liability’ through a cumbersome process every year. As a traditional process the car owner has to visit the insurance company to get the policy issued and then take the vehicle physically to the traffic department for an in-person inspection. After spending hours of their productive time the registration book gets renewed. We through ‘Saiyarti’ have bridged the gap by providing unique and simple solutions.

Q. What are the services offered by the ‘Saiyarti’ application? How different is it compared to others?

A. The main focus as of now is ‘Motor Third Party Liability’. Both individual and Corporate clients, can use our services.

Smart Features
• Simple & Flexible: Simply register on ‘Saiyarti’ app with the basic details and buy the ‘Motor Third Party Liability’ policy at the click of a button! The policy will be verified by the ‘Saiyarti’ team and delivered at the door step within two to three business days.
• Referral & Rewards program: This unique program allows for the user (with or without car) to refer their friends and family through a unique link or QR code to an online experience of purchasing a Motor Insurance Policy from ‘Saiyarti’ and in turn, get rewarded in credits for their purchases. These referred friends can then refer ‘Saiyarti’ onwards to their friends and the user will still earn reward credits from their purchases. The beauty of this program is that the more the user refers and more their friends refer, the more each one of them earns in reward credits. The chain goes on and on and the user can earn credits for all purchases up to 3 levels. These credits can be redeemed for the next insurance purchase or for Real cash. All credits are captured on our smartly designed ‘Saiyarti’ dashboard for easy tracking.

Corporate Fleet Insurance Services: In addition to individual car owners, ‘Saiyarti’ will extend its service to corporate clients through web portal. The ‘Saiyarti’ web portal allows for corporate clients to buy and renew all their motor policies in one-go so that the repetitive task of renewing one policy at a time is avoided and valuable employee working hours are saved. The ‘Sayarti’ web portal for corporate clients provides instant access to quotes, service request, account statements, renewal alerts, invoices, policy copies and other such associated transactions.

Q. What message do you want to give to your clients through ‘Saiyarti’ application?

A. Stay Home – Stay Protected – During this challenging period of Pandemic of Covid -19 virus, we are committed towards the safety of the society. It is insisted by government authorities to have the ‘Motor Third Party Liability’ policy renewed to avoid facing problems in case of accidents. As Social distancing, Partial Curfew and offices of Insurance companies not open, we are providing our service to the society by our APP.

As mentioned earlier any one (with or without a car or bike) can download our unique ‘Refer and Reward’ program and get extra income in this challenging period. The beauty of the program is that it not restricting or limiting its access only to car or bike owners. Any person who has a car or doesn’t have a car, can download the app and refer their unique referral link or QR Code to friends and family to earn reward points or cash. In Kuwait not everyone has a car or bike but does have a smartphone. Everyone would want some extra money coming into their pockets in the current world situation.

About Us
‘Saiyarti’ is a part of ‘Insure & Secure’ group which is in the field of Insurance for over 40 years, covering all aspects of the Insurance industry including in both Life and General Insurance policies. ‘Insure & Secure’ is an independent and professional Insurance advisory firm with offices in Kuwait, UAE and India. Through a highly qualified professional team, we have the requisite capability and specialist knowledge to provide value added risk management services to reputed business organizations.

We work with all Insurance companies and place business based on merits of competitive pricing, appropriate coverage and client’s preference for any particular Insurance company. We are independent of Insurance companies and hence have an unbiased approach in recommending solutions. At ‘Insure & Secure’, we adhere to disciplined customer service practices and a prudent investment philosophy.

Our innovation has extended on providing ‘Digital’ auto insurance to all vehicle owners across ‘Kuwait’ the blink of an eye.


Contact Details:
Afsar Ali. Z
Risk Management Specialist
00965-6905 6649, 22207571/72
[email protected]
Insure & Secure – Insurance Brokerage Company W.L.L.
Al Zumorrodah Tower,
Buiding No 7A, Office No.5, Floor No. 16, Ahmed Al Jaber Street,
Kuwait City, Kuwait.


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