PRAYAN 2020- The beginning of a new journey for class 10 and 12

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Rightly quoting, the Principal and Senior Administrator of The Indian Community School Senior, Dr. V Binumon organized a blessing ceremony for the children of classes 10 and 12 on 18th February 2020 in the school auditorium. The ceremony was collocated in two separate sessions.

PRAYAN for class 12 was solemnized by Rev. Fr. Lionnel Braganza, Principal Don Bosco [IEAS], the Chief Guest for the occasion. The show got on the road with the Islamic prayer by Mr. Yusuf Shabbir to invoke the blessings of God Almighty. The very allegorical act of lighting the lamp in order to remove the darkness of ignorance was done by Rev. Fr. Lionnel who was accompanied by Dr. V. Binumon.

It was followed by the national anthems of Kuwait and India that was euphoniously rendered by the Senior School choir Swaranjali. Dr. V Binumon Principal ICSK Senior welcomed the Chief Guest, dignitaries, teachers, parents and the children wholeheartedly. Rev. Fr. Lionnel Braganza shared his message of blessings with the children wishing them luck and success in their future endeavours. Swaranjali, the Senior school choir showcased an inspirational song elevating the thoughts of the crowd high.

The class teachers of class 12 were bequeathed with their responsibilities and manuals by Rev. Fr. Lionnel and Dr. V Binumon distributed the personal logs and timetables to the subject teachers. Rev. Fr Lionnel was presented with a memento by Dr. V Binumon as a token of love, appreciation and gratitude. Mrs. Susan Rajesh Vice principal ICSK Senior, shared the words of blessings and administered the oath to the children of class 12. An inspirational video was played to kotivate and galvanize the minds of the children. Mr. Antony Austin, Mrs. Mussurrat Parker and Mrs. Sandhya Menon  from the departments of Science, Commerce and Social Science  shared their insipirational messages  and adviced the children to soar high and reach greater heights according to their potentials.

The vote of thanks was proposed by Mrs. Niva Elna Varghese, the Academic Supervisor Senior Secondary.

The second session of PRAYAN 2020 was for the children of class 10. The ceremony got going with the Islamic prayer by Mr. Mohammed Haris. The Chief Guest who graced the promising occasion of PRAYAN 2020 of class 10 was Sr. Christy Maria A.C Principal Carmel School. Sr. Christy Maria lighted the lamp of knowledge and the school choir rendered the Kuwait and Indian national anthems. Principal and Senior Administrator of ICSK Senior Dr. V Binumon delivered the welcome address and greeted the Chief Guest, dignitaries, parents , teachers and the children of class 10 with warmth and joy. Sr. Christy Maria bestowed the message of blessings upon the children of class 10. Swaranjali rendered with a mellifluous and expressive song leaving a soothing effect.

Sr. Christy Maria distributed the attendance registers, class logs and cards to the class teachers of class 10. Dr. V Binumon distributed the personal logs and time tables to the subject teachers.

As a token of appreciation and gratitude Sr. Christy Maria A.C was presented with a memento by dr. V Binumon . Mrs. Susan Rajesh shared the words of blessings and administered the oath to the children. Dr. Saroj, Mrs. K Lamba and Mr. Jacob George from the Department of English, Hindi and Maths shared inspirational messages with the children with an intention to boost their morale and guide them towards the right path. Mrs. Saritha Nair Academic Supervisor Secondary proposed the vote of thanks.


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