How Mumbai Police is Making Signals ‘Punish’ Drivers for Constantly Honking at Red Lights

Anyone who has traveled within the city of Mumbai can vouch for the terrible condition of traffic and the severe sound pollution caused by honking horns. But no more.

In a bid to teach Mumbai commuters a lesson and to stop them from honking unnecessarily in signals, Mumbai Police have introduced the ‘Punishing Signal’. After all will honking really turn the signal to green faster?

In a short video released by the Mumbai Police on Twitter, the police is seen installing decibel meters to certain signal poles around the city to keep a check on noise pollution. If the decibel levels went beyond 85db, the singla would reset and stay red for longer.

The nearly two minute video starts with, “Welcome to the honking capital of the world. Here people honk even when the signal is red. May be they think by honking, they can make the signal turn green faster?”

They went on to say, “We, the Mumbai Police were itching to do something about this.”

The short clip shows the police installing the decibel meters in few locations including CSMT, Bandra, Peddar Road, Hindmata and the following day the signals automatically restored at 90 seconds as the meter reached 85 dB.

Commuters looked shocked when a message was displayed on a post, “Honk more, Wait More.”

The clip ends with two police personnel sharing a ‘Hi-5’ giving out a short message, “Feel free to honk, if you don’t mind waiting.”

In another Tweet, the police urged not to honk so often or you will become deaf one day. The message further advises to take care of the old, young and the sick as the noise is definitely not well for their health.

The initiative went to draw a lot of praises from Twitterati, who haile the police force.

Source : News18


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