‘Making provocative statements’: Sonia Gandhi targets PM, Amit Shah over CAA

Attacking Prime Minister Modi and home minister Amit Shah over the citizenship law, Congress chief Sonia Gandhi accused the two leaders of making “provocative remarks” on the subject.

Drawing upon the protests by the students, Sonia Gandhi said it is clear the government is not in the mood to listen and urged the party to stand solidly behind the people of the country in their struggle for equal protection of law.

“As the students protest gains momentum, it is clear that the government is digging in its heels. Not a day passes without the Home Minister, and on some days the Prime Minister himself, making provocative statements. The CWC must categorically declare that millions of Congress workers will stand shoulder to shoulder with the people of India in their struggle for equality, equal protection of the laws, justice and dignity,” said Gandhi.

Calling the citizenship law, which came into effect yesterday after Parliament passed it in December last year, “discriminatory and divisive”, the Congress chief said the motive behind bringing such a law is to “divide Indian people on religious lines”.

The PM and the home minister, on their part, have repeatedly emphasised that the law only provides citizenship to persecuted religious minorities from the three neighbouring countries and does not take away the rights of Indian Muslims.

The CAA provides citizenship to six undocumented non-Muslim communities from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh who entered India on or before December 31, 2014. It is for the first time that citizenship in the country is being given on religious basis, prompting critics to say that it violates right to equality.

Source : Hindustan Times


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