‘Illegal’ medicines at private medical center in Salmiya

Assistant Undersecretary for Food and Medicine Inspection in Ministry of Health Dr Abdullah Al-Bader revealed that a large quantity of illegal medicines were discovered at a private medical center in Salmiya area.

He explained that these medicines are of three kinds – medicines not registered under Ministry of Health, medicines which were smuggled, and medicines exclusive to the government hospitals and medical centers.

One of the inspection committees affiliated to the Medicine Inspection Department of the ministry discovered the aforementioned medicines.

The medicines which are not registered under Ministry of Health were purchased from a company, which committed not just a violation but a crime. Dr Al-Bader affirmed that all these violations will be referred to the Public Prosecution.

He revealed that the Medicine Inspection Department conducts investigations on a daily basis in all places that have medicines in order to ensure the protection of the health of patients. Dr Al-Bader urged all Kuwaiti citizens and expatriates to purchase medicines only from accredited pharmacies and to report any complains they may have via Ministry of Health’s website.

Source : Arab Times


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