Children’s Day celebrated at ICSK Junior

“The blooming buds of today, the blossom tree tomorrow”.

ICSK Junior celebrated Children’s Day on 14th November to commemorate the birth anniversary of first Indian Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

The presence of the children is one of the best gifts that has ever bestowed upon us. The teachers along with Principal and Vice-Principal imprinted an indelible sign in the hearts of children by welcoming them. It helped the staff to inhale the freshness and beauty of life.

With all its serenity the Children’s Day was conducted by their loving teachers. The Prayer Song and thought for the day emanated an intellectually deep and emotionally engaging insight to the listeners. The skit focused on the necessity of going green, say no to plastic and also the consumption of organic food. A vivacious and animated dance performances endowed with a significant theme arose the audience to the heights of ecstasy. The over use of mobile phones and its consequences were authentically presented through a mime. The flash mob by the teachers added spice to the event and perked up the pulsation of the day. The musical sense of the audience was escalated by the mellifluous song by the teachers. The students welcomed Chacha Nehru with rose who is none other than their teacher who dressed to surprise the little ones.

Principal Mrs Sherly Dennis accompanied by the Vice-Principal Mrs Sheeja C addressed the assembly and quoted the importance of the day and wished the students on this special occasion. Principal Mrs.Sherly Dennis congratulated all the participants for the efforts taken by them to make the event a successful one.


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