IMA conducts Discover Yourself 3 Day Transformational Workshop

Indian Muslim Association (IMA) Kuwait, successfully arranged a 3 day  workshop on “Discover Yourself” from 24th – 26th Oct, ’19. International coach Dr. Sadatullah Khan, pioneered a series of high-intensive and implementation-driven workshops powered by the theme of self-introspection on this concept. The workshops were not only informative but also transformative in nature, seeking to guide and shift the participants from self-created reality to the Ultimate Reality. The workshop offered participants the practical ability to come out of the box and realize the ultimate reality, thus opening the doors to a new realm of consciousness, calm, peace, tranquility and open their life to self-discovered potentials and opportunities.

Day1, introductory session, of this unique & universal , transformational and empowerinh workshop series was organized at ICSK auditorium, Salmiya. It was an open house introduction invitation attracting more than 300 guests with prominent leaders from various associations from Kuwait in the audience. The session commenced by recitation of the Holy Quran by Master Abdur Rehman, followed by Introduction of IMA Kuwait, IMA English Wing, Discover Yourself Workshop & Dr. Sadathullah Khan by Mubeen Ahmed (Master of Ceremonies).

DYS Day-2&3 were organized at Rajdhani Palace Restaurant, Banquet Hall, Khaitan with registered participation of 125 participants of both genders from all walks life and backgrounds including students of 12 years age group. On both days, workshop commenced with recitation the Holy Quran.

Day 2, the emphasis for participants was on unlearning and detoxifying their inner concepts and conflicting system and shifting to multi-level value based system. As participants unlocked each level through coaching of Dr. Khan in each step of the way they were immediately able to experience perceptive distinctions and extraordinary openings that led them into a higher state of emotional and spiritual intelligence.

Subsequently, Day 3 focused on practical implementation of the newly learned key concepts that enabled participants to begin to live the workshop as opposed to merely understanding it – ‘discovering the new you’. Intensive & fun filled situational scenarios and exercises were facilitate for audience to completely benefit the core of that day workshop.



Discover Yourself Day 3 concluded with exchange of gifts and certificates were handed out to all the participants. Most importantly, workshop participants had made a powerful shift of self-constricting to a new self-discovery of incredible change.

Some Testimonials From The Workshop:

Nayana Rudra, Age 17, and Student: Workshop was excellent & very interesting. It helped me discovering the real ‘Me’. Truly, I will be committed in creating a new future for my life.

Mohammed Abdul Sami, Age 40, Professional: Holistic Approach for a Transformation Way of Life.


Hajira Kulsum, Age 14, Student: Life changing experience. It has helped me helped me clear my mind of many things, and build a stronger bond with people I love.

Dr. Bala Subramanium, Age 52, Professional: A much needed workshop for the current circumstances for all humanity.

About IMA Kuwait & English Wing – Quran Study Circle

Indian Muslim Association (IMA) is one of the oldest associations in Kuwait strives for promoting Islamic awareness among Indian Muslim expatriates through educational, cultural events and social activities. IMA also promotes goodwill, friendship among Non-Muslims and cultural groups particularly among Indian expatriates.

IMA conducts its various social, cultural, educational and religious activities within the parameters of regulations of Kuwait and in coordination with Ministry of Awqaf & Islamic Affairs. IMA is also a registered association with Indian Embassy in Kuwait.

For carrying out our activities smoothly, IMA has formed 6 regional Units in Kuwait City, Salmiya, Abbasiya, Khaitan, Fahaheel and Abu Halifa. IMA has its Youth Wing as well as Ladies Wing to pursue its activities among various segments of Indian Community.

Discover Yourself 3 Day Workshop # 336, Oct 2019 Kuwait was organized by IMA Kuwait – English Wing whose core activities have been Quran Study Circle in English that conduct quran sessions on 2nd & 4th Tuesdays at Masjid Al Mehri Salmiya, Block 10.

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About Discover Yourself & Dr. Sadathullah Khan

Born in 1950, Sadathullah Khan studied Science and Engineering in Bangalore, and then branched off in a totally different direction—first in the world of business, then followed by journalism, and then guiding people discover a purpose in their lives!

That is how Sadath Khan’s journey with the Discover Yourself Workshop began. Designed by himself, this unique three-day educational workshop is a journey to know oneself, True authentic Self. It is a unique experiential, total paradigm shift and empowering program that purports to transform you into a positive-thinking person, shifting one from in the box to out of the box.

He is also honored with Doctorate in Personal Excellence & Life Mastery with specialization in Transformation Leadership. His life’s vision is to nurture leaders with an ability to make a difference and an innate capability to empower, inspire and lead humanity to the path of truth, love, and peace.

Sadathullah Khan is the driving force behind Peace For You International Foundation, a non-profit educational and awareness organization engaged in empowering people through self–introspection workshops and promoting the concept of ‘Discover Yourself’– ‘To know one’s True /Authentic Self’.

Set up in 2002, the Foundation advocates that Islam is a way of life that leads to peace, and the source of peace is God and that only through connection with the Ultimate Reality can one attain peace, love, happiness, and contentment. Sadath Khan traverses the length and breadth of the world week after week inviting people to end the inner war and attain inner peace. When one has no inner peace, one cannot give peace to others.


Sadathullah Khan touches the core of peoples’ hearts and helps usher in a sense of deep contentment in them through his workshops. He believes in making a difference to humanity and has already touched the lives of thousands of people. People of different nationalities and backgrounds, including people of different faiths, participate in and benefit from his workshops. His life is dedicated to making people realize the significance of inner peace, which can be attained in knowing the Truth

Report By Mubeen Ahmed


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