Twitter Hails SRK’s Wit & Intellect After His Netflix Interview With David Letterman

Shah Rukh Khan sat down with legendary TV host David Letterman for an interview on Netflix that has seemingly broken the internet.

Ever since the episode released on Friday, Twitter has been going gaga over the wit and intellect of the ‘King of Bollywood’.

King Khan’s witty answers, some emotional stories from his life, the never seen before insight of the palace of King, some cute and funny moments with AbRam, A chef so perfect and so much more. The #SRKLettermanShow is the perfect thing to watch today ❤️ 

— SRK Universe Fan Club (@SRKUniverse) October 25, 2019
I don’t want @iamsrk to stop talking. #NowWatching #SRKLettermanShow 

— Ishita Yadav (@IshitaYadav) October 25, 2019
Just saw @iamsrk on David Freeman’s show. Every single time I see this man talk, I realise that he needs better writers and directors who can do justice to the talent and wit that he has. #SRKLettermanShow #SRK #ShahRukhKhan

— ruchi kokcha (@ruchikokcha) October 27, 2019
This interview was everything and more I expected it to be. There isn’t a star like @iamsrk. Had heard so much about his hospitality and saw it on screen when he got up from his seat and served david food with a sprinkle of lemon. #SRKLettermanShow

— Kamal Panesar (@kamalpanesar24) October 25, 2019
WOW. Intellectual, humorous and just amazing – when it’s Shah Rukh Khan, you can never get tired of listening to him.

His interviews and public speaking events are always wow.#SRKLettermanShow #SRKwithLettermanOnNetfilx #SRK 

— Rohit M Thakur (@rth_24) October 25, 2019
I may be biased because I’m a @iamsrk fan. We all really ‘need no introduction’ to SRK but this interview is soo good and interesting and refreshing to watch. Thanku Mr Letterman and @netflix for making this happen. #SRKLettermanShow

— Nimesh Bhandari (@BhandariNimesh) October 25, 2019
You can watch him speak for hours @iamsrk . Never get tired of listening to his interviews. So motivational, inspiring and the most important thing is his wit which keeps you glued to your tv screens. #SRKLettermanShow @NetflixIndia

— Gaurav Aggarwal (@GauravFunnky) October 25, 2019
“I Don’t Want To Show Off, But I Am Genuinely A Dream Come True.” : @iamsrk

— Rashmi (@Iam__Rashmi) October 25, 2019
And it’s amazing how his movies took away any excitement from watching his wise choice of words too, for me and many others easily ????

Also that how an actor like him is still relevant and evokes any kinda empathy from film lovers, not just his bhakts ????#SRKLettermanShow

— кєєятнι (@Chocoholik_) October 27, 2019
Good morning.♥️ 

— ???? (@rashmisrkfan) October 27, 2019
The saddest thing about watching @iamsrk on David Letterman’s show is realizing that SRK is such an intelligent witty person, and not even a cent percent of it is reflected in the kind of scripts he chooses.#SRKLettermanShow

— Rahul Singhania (@codophile) October 26, 2019
The #SRKLettermanShow is litAF.

There’s no one like @iamsrk when it comes to this talk shows and stuff. Should just stop making movies and do this fulltime.

— Ebrahim (@EbrahIMred) October 27, 2019
Shahrukh knows more about India than Modi. #SRKLettermanShow

— ???? ~???? (@Siddiquii_says) October 27, 2019
The greatest talkshow host David Letterman has met and interacted with almost every famous celebrities and public figures in the world and he has this to say about Shah Rukh Khan. Pride of India like no other @iamsrk #SRKOnLettermanShow

— bk. (@NotBobbey) October 25, 2019
Halfway through this episode I stop to tweet about it. @iamsrk you are truly one of a kind person. You make the Indian in all of us feel so proud. Witty, humorous, enlightening and at the same time immensely entertaining.#SRKOnLettermanShow 

— shrut vasavada (@shrutvasavada95) October 25, 2019
“I can advise. Lot of people come to me for advice. Sometimes when I listen to myself talking, I wish I could follow some of it”????#SRKOnLettermanShow

— αиιѕн???? (@SRKsAn1sh) October 25, 2019
“There are a lots of things, I realised I can’t be. So I became an actor” ????

Witty at his Best ????#SRKOnLettermanShow 

— αиιѕн???? (@SRKsAn1sh) October 25, 2019
Now the entire fam is watch #SRKOnLettermanShow Probably one of the best ways to spend Diwali? ????

— Asha Ki Baatein (@bollybaatein) October 27, 2019
Just finished watching @iamsrk Episode of #MyNextGuestNeedsNoIntroduction & Once again blown away by my favourite SRK‘s great wit ,humour & kind and I think this is what makes him different from other stars & loveable worldwide.Your journey inspire all of us.#SRKOnLettermanShow 

— Hassan Sohail (@iamHa55an) October 26, 2019
[email protected] while you’re snuggling with your little one. I threw out my littles with hubby so I can finally sit down & watch #SRKOnLettermanShow than watching Room on the Broom 27x a day.
Just got done, loved every bit of it! Thank you for sharing your life with us again. 

— Monica (@nasheeliaankhen) October 26, 2019
Now then, if you still haven’t watched the show, borrow your friend’s password and start watching.

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