8 Fake degrees discovered by PAAET

Public Authority for Applied Education and Training (PAAET) addressed the Civil Service Commission (CSC) concerning eight fake certificates it discovered, sources from the education sector say.

This came while waiting for the issuance of executive regulations for law No. 78/2019 related to banning the use of certificates which have not been evaluated, amid indications of several flaws in the phrasing of this law.

According to the sources, PAAET were to certify copies of baccalaureate certificates for eight citizens working in various governmental bodies, but after the verification process, it was determined that the certificates that bore the PAAET’s letterheads were fake.

The sources addressed the Civil Service Commission concerning this issue and urged it to take necessary legal measures against the bearers of those fake academic certificates, by withdrawing any decisions they made, and rectifying their job specification and their salary remunerations which were based on their academic qualifications.

They affirmed that the new law in this regard suspends any measure pertaining to promotion to any supervisory position until the certificates of the nominees are evaluated.

Source : Arab Times  


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