‘Follow up laws to fight corruption’

Under secretary of the National Guard Lieutenant General Hashim Al-Refaie has affirmed the need for the National Guard to follow up the laws related to controlling corruption and urge its employees to develop the National Guard and enhance transparency.

According to a press release, Lieutenant General Al-Refaie said this in a speech he delivered on the sidelines of the workshop titled “Financial Disclosure” organized by the Moral Guidance Department with the cooperation of Kuwait Anti-Corruption Authority “Nazaha” and with the participation of Acting General Secretary of Nazaha Abdulaziz Al Mansour and Assistant Secretary General for Financial Disclosure Salem Al Ali.

Lieutenant General Al-Refaie indicated that the National Guard has been following up the efforts of the State of Kuwait to enhance transparency and control corruption for years. He revealed that the deputy head of the National Guard had issued a decision many years ago to form a committee for enhancing transparency, NZA values and integrity, and ensure it benefits the National Guard

Source : Arab Times


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