Leadership camp in ICSK-Amman

ICSK Amman organized a leadership camp on Saturday 14th September 2019 for the Senate and class prefects. Its main objectives were teaching practical leadership methods, communication skills and positive mindset.

The daylong session consisted of several activities starting off with a vibrant one hour rejuvenating, fun filled and exciting Zumba session by Mr. Nishad P.R.

During breakfast time homely food was served in the healthy cafeteria to drive in the idea that junk food is not always the tastiest food.
Dr. Jaffar Ali Parol, Scientist with Kuwait Institute of Scientific Research conducted an inspiring and motivating personality development workshop “Harnessing the Best in You”giving insight in to the various career opportunities available in this modern era.

Mrs. Sanaa Hamza Kutty, Blogger, presented the session “Cook Smart with Sanaa” teaching students fireless smart culinary skills to become independent and to develop healthy eating habits. During the session the students got to taste a number of delicious recipes.

To inculcate the habit of charity in the young leaders, the campers were involved in a noble cause. Lunch was provided to 25 people in the labour camp in Mangaf.

Finally the programme ended with a talent exposure enabling students to showcase their amazing talents. Participation certificates were distributed to all the senate members.


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