88 year old expatriate woman seeks approval of residency application

An 88 year-old expatriate woman, who has been in the country for 60 years, appealed to Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Lieutenant General Sheikh Khaled Al-Jarrah to approve her residency application, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

The woman’s husband died and her residency permit was transferred to her brother. She said her brother went abroad for treatment and her residency permit has expired. She has two daughters who are not working.

The husband of one of her daughters, an engineer whose salary is KD 1,000, applied for the transfer of her residency under his sponsorship but the application was rejected as she has no relatives except her two daughters who are staying with their families in Kuwait.

The old woman appealed to Sheikh Khaled Al-Jarrah to approve her residency to be under her son-in-law as she wants to be close to her daughters and no other person can look after her except her daughters

Source : Arab Times


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