The destructive path of Hurricane Dorian

Aug 27 – Officials in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, watch the pathway as Dorian moves closer to the island. When Dorian approached, it moved east across the US Virgin Islands. 

Hurricane Dorian first appeared in the Atlantic on August 26 and islands in the eastern Caribbean went on alert as the storm strengthened.

Barbados and St Lucia were the first impacted by the Category 1 hurricane.

Dorian then entered the Caribbean and set its sights on Puerto Rico. But it was eventually the US Virgin Islands that were hit by the storm.

After moving north, Dorian strengthened quickly into a major hurricane and took aim at the Bahamas.

Just after reaching Category 5 intensity, Dorian made landfall on Abaco, Bahamas. It then slowed down to a crawl and eventually to a stop over Grand Bahama Island for 36 hours.

Once Dorian began to move again, it headed north, then northwest, just off the US coastline causing a strong storm surge for Georgia and the Carolinas.

It eventually made another landfall on the Outer Banks of North Carolina for a short period of time.

Picking up pace back in the Atlantic, Dorian made a final landfall in Nova Scotia, Canada.
A woman watches the sea from the door of her home in El Negro, Yabucoa municipality, Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico’s government warned residents to be prepared for the arrival of Dorian.


August 30 – A single loaf of bread sits on a shelf at a Walmart Supercenter on Merritt Island, Florida. Floridians stocked up on supplies in preparation for Hurricane Dorian.

September 2 – An image of Hurricane Dorian snapped by NASA astronaut Christina Koch from the International Space Station during a flyover.

September 3 – An aerial image of damage caused by Dorian to the island Great Abaco, Bahamas. The island was the first to get hit after it strengthened into a Category 5 hurricane.

September 4 – Petty Officer 2nd Class Jethro Hauser with a survivor from Hurricane Dorian after she was rescued in Treasure Cay, Bahamas

September 5 – Waves begin to rise from the Atlantic Ocean as Dorian approaches Rodanthe, North Carolina, after turning north from the Bahamas.

September 6 – Waves from the Atlantic Ocean destroy the far end of the Nags Head Fishing Pier in North Carolina.

September 7 – A crane lies against a construction site as Hurricane Dorian arrives in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Source : Al Jazeera


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