IMA Hosts public lectures on Hijra New Year

Indian Muslim Association (IMA-Kuwait) Under the patronage of Community section Ministry of Awqaf -Kuwait organized two public lectures on Hijra New Year in Salmiya and Abo Halifa. Mr. Mohammed Ali, head of Jaliyath, Masjid Al-Kabir was the guest of honor at Salmiya event. He praised the activities of IMA and said that true message of Hijrah is about achieving success through hard work and determination. 

In event held at Masjid Al Muzaini in Salmiya, Mr. Nisar Ahmed was the keynote speaker of the event. He talked on the topic “You will be successful if you are a true believer!”. He said that, Muslims should lead a life with an example, Be Truthful; keep your promises; never ever lie; Be trustworthy, don’t cheat or misappropriate; Be Just and stand up for the justice; Be a hard worker, don’t set your eyes on easy money. This is the basic tenant of Islam for a true believer, when we do this, Allah will surely make us successful both in this world and hereafter.  

Mr. Sharafuddin Soofi, second keynote speaker of the day spoke on the topic “Message of Hijrah”, While elaborating on the subject Mr. Soofi, Vice President of IMA said that the objective of Hijra was to establish a society based on Islamic principles. He further stated, “The entire event of migration of prophet Muhammad (PBUH) gives innumerable lessons to the Muslim community.

The Program was convened by Mr. Khazi Zafar. Dinner packets were distributed at the end of the program. The Program started with the recitation of the verses from the holy Quran by Master Aburahman. The event was a joint effort from Salmiya, Kuwait City, Khaitan and Abbasiya Units.

Second Hijrah event was held at Masjid Maryam Al-Dukhan in Abu Halifa which was organized by Abu Halifa and Fahaheel units.

Shamvel Parvez, President, IMA Kuwait and Shaikh Waleed Umri were keynote speakers of the day. Mr. Shamvel Parvez gave a thought provoking speech on the topic “You will be successful if you are a true believer!”, During his talk, he spoke about the importance of living a life which is in sync with Islamic teachings. He said, when we do that, definitely Allah will make us successful. Shaikh Waleed Umri spoke on the topic “Message of Hijrah” where he highlighted the struggle of Prophet Muhammed ﷺ in Makkah and how he over came with a well thought out plan and decided to migrate to establish a just society in Madina.

The Program was convened by Mr. Parvez Hanif. Dinner packets were distributed at the end of the program.


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