The English Madrasa for Islamic Studies – Classes begin for new Academic Year

The English Madrasa for Islamic Studies popularly known as EMIS, functions under the Education Wing of Kerala Islamic Group that caters to the needs of providing Islamic education to English speaking students. The three English Madrasas have branches in Khaitan, Salmiya and Fahaheel.

Classes are conducted on all Saturdays from 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM. Various subjects including Quran recitation, Tajweed, Quran Hifz, Islamic History, Islamic Studies, Fiqh, Hadees, Tafseer, Arabic language are taught by well experienced and trained teachers.

The madrasa syllabus is reviewed on a yearly basis and is updated to implement best teaching practices and in line with the current educational standard across the globe.

Teachers training programs are conducted every year to enhance the teaching skills of madrasa staff. Career guidance, counselling and motivational sessions are also conducted for the students.

Various arts and sports events have been included in the curriculum and are being conducted on a yearly basis. Among the extracurricular activities included in the madrasa curriculum are Quran competition, sports competitions, soccer competition, yearly picnics, yearly education tours, parent’s teachers association meet, children’s art club, publishing of students handwritten magazines, exhibitions based on various Islamic themes and Islamic Quiz competitions.

In short, we at the madrasa ensures that learning is fun, creative and challenging; not just in terms of academics but in terms of physical, mental and psychological well-being as well.


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