Return of Shattered workers to motherland – India

KKMA – Karnataka Branch and magnet team is sending 6 shattered workers on 4th August 2019, who came to Kuwait with dreams of earning lucrative salaries for achieving better standard of living for their families and to build a better future for themselves. The dreams were shattered as they were deprived of food and shelter. The company failed to process the residency and driving licence within stipulated time schedule and resultantly workers were not receiving any salary.

KKMA has provided them food and some essentials since their nightmare started. They were among several young men including 42 from here who were sent to Kuwait by an employment agency of which 28 were returned back to their homeland with the help of support from Indian Embassy Kuwait, NRI’s, many associations and social workers.

Final batch of 14 persons were leaving Kuwait on 4th August. KKMA Karnataka branch has settled their fine and arranged the tickets to 6 persons. The expenses of 5 persons were settled by the social workers Mohandas Kamath and Raj Bhandary and NRI entrepreneur Elamgovan has settled the expenses of 3 persons. Indian Embassy in Kuwait has completed all the legal formalities.

KKMA is well known for its social activities in Kuwait and back home in India and their Magnet team is to support & assist the expat patients in Kuwait and repatriation of the corpse.


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