Indian Muslim Association Kuwait (IMA) conducted an interfaith Iftar get-together for Indian expatriates living in Kuwait to disseminate the message of Ramadan recently at Rajdhani Palace, Khaitan.

Large number of people from different from different communities and walks of life such as diplomats, professors, doctors, engineers and common people witnessed and appreciated the program. Mr. Shamvil Parvez, President of IMA presided over the function. Shaikh Abdullah Al-Hudaib, renowned scholar of Kuwait was chief Guest of the occasion. Fahad Ahmed Khan Suri, the Chief Guest of the program and the second secretary (Political and commerce) of Indian Embassy attended on behalf of the Indian Ambassador. While speaking on the occasion, he emphasized on the need to conduct such events that can bring different communities closer to each other, and to promote mutual understanding among the different communities and religious groups living in Kuwait.

Dr. Ram Mohan, the General Secretary of the Indian Doctors Forum Kuwait, appreciated the activities of IMA and encouraged some of the events done by IMA recently, such as beach cleaning drive and tree plantation, and said that similar events need to be carried out by all ethnic as well as religious groups in Kuwait. Furthermore, he stressed, that this is how we can give our contribution to beloved country, Kuwait, in return where we have been given numerous opportunities.

Other dignitaries like H.E. Dr Shamir Ally Ambassador of republic of Guyana , Dr. S. Neelamani, Senior Research Scientist at Kuwait Institute for Scientific and Research, Reaven D, Souza, the MD of and Khandu Gangadhar Shirsath, the Principal of the Indian Community School, Khaitan Branch expressed their views and appreciated the social, religious and cultural activities being carried out by IMA among the Muslims as well as Non-Muslims living in Kuwait.

Nisar Ahmad gave a presentation on the topic “Ramadan: A time for Reflection” highlighting the importance of Ramadan and the Holy Quran. He mentioned that the Quran was sent down in the month of Ramadan for the guidance of entire mankind and it is meant for all human beings. He also explained some important points such as the purpose of creation, purpose of our life and elaborated how Quran can guide us in strengthening our relationship with our creator. Keynote Speaker, Mr. Sharfuddin Soofi, speaking on the topic “Way to communal harmony” emphasized on the importance of unity in diversity which helps the people in building communal harmony in a multi-cultural society such as our country, India, where people are from different religions, casts, creed and ethnicities living together since centuries .

The program commenced with recitation of verses from the Glorious Quran by Master Abdurrahman. Syed Mateen, the convener of the program, gave brief introduction IMA -Kuwait a major socio religion organization of Indian expats in Kuwait and its activities. Mementos were presented to the guests. Mohammad Samoil Falahi, presented vote of thanks. The program concluded with buffet dinner.

Source : IMA Kuwait


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