Performing Qurbani in Kuwait

As we are coming close to the Eid Al-Adha, It’s time for Qurbani, During this time Muslims all over the world offer Qurbani which means a sacrifice / slaughter of an animal.

The meat from the sacrifice animal is then distributed in three portions, One of which includes poor communities that struggle to afford meat – so that they can also enjoy the festivities of Eid, rest of the meat is shared among their family members.

If you are planning to perform your Qurbani in Kuwait, Then you have following options

Option – 1

Many expatriates buy sheep from Shuwaikh animal market which is just behind the Lulu Hypermarket, you will get the sheep in 80 KD to 150 KD range. They even have the facility to get it slaughtered and give you the clean meat, Though it’s time consuming process, It’s legal and right way to do it.

Option – 2 – Salmiya 

If you stay in and around SALMIYA, Then you might go to slaughter-house (Fish, vegetables & meat market – Google map ) which is just behind Salmiya City Center and purchase the animal then and there and they will issue a token for you to collect, If crowd is not too much then you might get your meat same time otherwise they will call you (mobile) once the meat is ready in same day.

Google Map

Option – 4 – Central slaughterhouse and cattle market Ahmadi Governorate
For people who stay in Mahboula, Fahahaheel, Mangaf and Salmiya can visit Daher slaughterhouse, The good thing about this place is that, you can finish your task within one hour. 

Google Map

Option – 3 ( Not advised)

Many people purchase animal well before time and keep them in their house, On the day of Eid Al Adha they slaughter either in their kitchen or in balcony.

Please note that, the above option is not legal in Kuwait and you will be prosecuted if caught.

By the way, When we are performing a religious act, how can we expect someone to do it illegally. It won’t be accepted from your lord.

Enjoy your EID, Eid Mubarak.



  1. Ahmed August 15, 2017 6:07 pm Reply

    Why it is illegal to buy a goat and do slaughter at our house premises. It allowed as per Sunnah and its not Haram.

  2. Muslim August 16, 2017 10:49 am Reply

    Following the LAWS of the land is very important in Islam, If Kuwait prohibits slaughtering animal at home then we should follow the rule without taking things in our own hands.
    Hope it’s clear

  3. S Parvez September 5, 2017 10:38 am Reply

    My experience this time was very good, me and my friend went to Daher (This area is between fahaheel and Fintas ) slaughter house on Arafa day (one day before EID) and booked the goat, we agreed for 90 KD and i paid 20 KD advance and came back, On the day of Eid we went around 9:30 a.m. and took the goat from seller and entered the slaughter house, we purchased token by paying 5 KD and then it took only around 45 minutes to get our goat slaughtered, they will remove the skin and give you mutton in 6 to 7 big pieces, we paid 3 KD per goat to the man who did the slaughter and cleaning.
    by 11:00 we are back home, So doing Qurbani in Kuwait is not a big deal.

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