Car Smashes Through Parking Lot Wall, Drops From Second Floor. Watch

A driver and his co-passenger had a lucky escape when he mistakenly drove the car through a wall of a parking garage, tumbling two floors to the ground.

The incident, reported in Chongqing, China last week, was caught on surveillance camera of what appears to be a multi-level parking lot. In the footage, the car was seen heading towards the exit on the second floor but instead of taking the turn, it went straight through the wall. According to China’s CGTN, the driver had bent over to pick up a USB cable which caused him to accidentally step on the accelerator.

Another angle of the footage showed the sedan smashing through the wall and turning turtle upon impact. Luckily, no person was hurt when the car hit the ground. Soon after the crash, a woman was seen crawling out of the car. With the help of residents and security personnel, the driver was safely pulled out too.

CGTN reported that the two people inside the car were only “slightly injured” and made a full recovery.

Watch the video of the dramatic crash here:


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