Activities of Kuwait Tamil Islamic Committee (K-Tic) towards the amnesty period given by the Kuwait Government

The day since Kuwait Government announced the Amnesty to the public, which is 23.01.2018, Kuwait Tamil Islamic Committee (K-Tic) initiated its activities. Even prior to that, K-Tic raised and continued its voice for the sake of wage affair for the workers of Kuwait Kharafi National Company.


For the amnesty period, K-Tic has originated the following :

1. The message of amnesty was translated to Tamil and arranged to reach Tamil speaking people irrespective of nationalities in Kuwait and across the world.

2. Arrangements were made to give continues news on “Puthiya Thalaimurai” TV Channel, a well-known media in Tamil Nadu and A9 Tamil FM Radio a well-known radio in Canada.

3. Similarly, arrangements were made to give continues news in most of the social media, especially Facebook, (several lakhs), WhatsApp (about 500 groups, and 3,000 Tamil speaking individuals in Kuwait and worldwide).

4. The Embassy of India in Kuwait, integrated various Tamil organizations, including K-Tic, to work on this issue, to support in filling documents of the individuals who wish to use this amnesty period. K-Tic volunteers supported them and assisted them irrespective of languages or religion and guide them ​​to understand, aided with snacks and water.

5. All the organizations including K-Tic been incorporated both in Indian and Sri Lankan Embassies to provide voluntary services and to meet public needs. The services rendered by our volunteers were a great inspiration.

6. Details of amnesty being explained in Tamil, English, Urdu, Hindi and Arabic to hundreds of callers daily ever since amnesty started, who call thru, telephones (Mobiles, Land lines, WhatsApp, Viber, IMO, Voice Messages).

7. Special awareness camps has been organized by K-Tic on Fridays at K-Tic Tamil Sermon Mosque at Khaithan, to clarify the amnesty importance and make aware the consequences after the amnesty.

8. The short TV-note given by the General Secretary of K-Tic, recorded and broadcasted by Mr. Naser (NVS Video, Kuwait) has been shared and seen over 40,000 people.

9. Both Kuwait Government officials and His Excellence of the Indian Embassy supported our volunteers by arranging for them for their needs at any point. (Additional working hours, service on holidays etc)

10. Many K-Tic volunteers are on this platform, just a few significant names are given below ..

– A.B. Khaleel Ahmed Baaqavee, General Secretary, K-Tic (Team Leader & Organizar)

– M. Mohammed Siddeeq, Secretary, Social Service Wing, K-Tic

– S. Syed Hussain, Asst. Secretary, Social Service Wing, K-Tic

– A. Nijamudeen, Secretary, Media Wing, K-Tic

– A. Madharsha, Secretary, Distribution Wing, K-Tic

– S. Sheikh Shrfudeen, Secretary, Public Relation Wing, K-Tic

And more members of K-Tic.

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