Watch: 600 Feet In The Sky, Workers Smash Glass Bridge

China, home to several architectural marvels, particularly takes pride in its glass bridges and skywalks that it has spent millions on in the last few years. The latest one is set to open to public in February in Hechi City in south China and is touted to be their longest ever.

With just days to go for the opening, workers have been busy running last-minute safety checks on the structure.


By trying to shatter it with sledgehammers.

In a video posted by CGTN, workers tried to smash the glass bridge with sledgehammers to ensure the bridge is strong enough. Although the glass tiles didn’t collapse but the sledgehammers managed to make a few cracks in the glass.

To be doubly sure, workers also jumped up and down on the glass tiles, all with a big smile on their face.

Said to be China’s longest, the skywalk is over 600 feet in length and is suspended nearly 900 feet in the sky. It opens to public on February 8.


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