Terrifying Video Shows Hundreds Of Baby Spiders Crawling Out Of Egg Sack

There are few things in life that can scare the living day lights out of you. This video of baby spiders is definitely one of them.

The Australian Reptile Park recently shared a heebie-jeebies inducing video that shows hundreds of baby funnel web spiders scurrying out of their egg sack. For the uninitiated, funnel-web spiders are among the world’s deadliest spiders and kill a human with their venom within just 15 minutes, according to Australian Geographic.

The video, just about 30-seconds-long – but feels much longer, shows someone delicately slicing open the egg with tweezers. The baby spiders can then be seen scurrying outside the egg. By the end of the video, chances are you’ll feel as if the spiders are crawling all over you.

And while most people may feel frightened by the video, the folks at The Australian Reptile Park don’t feel quite the same.

“Baby Funnel web spiders coming out of an egg sack is the stuff of some people’s nightmares – but we love them,” says the post accompanying the video. Watch it below:



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