‘There’s A Snake In Your Car,’ Mystery Note Warns Driver

Imagine walking back to your car and finding a note that says, “Hi. This afternoon a red-belly slithered up into your front left tyre. Please be careful.”

That’s what Michael Garbutt found on his car’s windshield after an evening walk in Sydney’s Kurnell skate park.

Alarmed, he opened the car’s bonnet and there it was.

“To say I was shocked is an understatement. On reflection I don’t think I would have put my hand out to pop the bonnet if I had known it was there,” the school teacher told Sydney Morning Herald.

The task at hand was to get the snake, considered highly venomous, out of the car.

With help from Google, Michael Garbutt got hold of the nearest snake catcher who rushed to the spot.

“By the time he got there the snake had slithered down into the engine,” Michael Garbutt said.

He added, “The snake was trying to bite the snake hook. The guy ended up catching it with his hand and just chucked it in a bag.”

It took Andrew Melrose, from Shire Snake Catchers, an hour to remove the reptile from its hiding spot.

“Red-bellied snakes are one of the most common snakes in the Sydney area,” Andrew Melrose told 9News.

He added that snakes get a bit scared and cars seem like a good hiding spot. The best way to deal with a similar situation is to ring up the professionals.


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