Kannada koota organised “Presentation on NRK-CARD and Facilities”

Kannada Koota Kuwait has organized “Presentation on NRK-CARD and Facilities” @ Indian Embassy Auditorium.

Chief Guest of the evening, Dr.Arathi Krishna (Deputy Chairman NRI Forum-Karnataka. Government of Karnataka graced the occasion.

H.E. Raj Gopal Singh (Chief Dept. Affairs) from Indian Embassy Kuwait one of the guest of honor.

The function started with welcome dance by Kannada Koota female members.

All Karnataka Associations in Kuwait were participated in the program (Mr. Ramesh Kidiyoor, Mr. Hillary Stevan Rego, Mr. Sheikh Mohammed Azhar, Mr. .Arun Kumar Bapu, Mr. Yadunath Alva, Mr. Wilson D’souza),Presidents of Associations (Tulu Koota, Bhuntara Sangh, Mogaveera Sangha, Kerala Karnataka Muslim Welfare Society, KCW,KKMA etc.,

The program was organized under shot notice. Many people and other association representatives from Karnataka attended the program.

Dr. Arathi Krishna briefed about the NRI Policy and NRI services like Government Order on NRI Policy,Preamble,Vision, Mission, Objectives, Strategies, Policy measures, Definitions, Government Order on Constitution of Non-Resident Indian Committee, Karnataka, Government Order on Constitution of a High Level Department Monitoring Committee under Policy of Karnataka, Government order on Constitution of a District Level NRI/NRKs Welfare Committee under NRI Policy of KARNATAKA, Contact details of Important Officers, Contact details of Conveners, District Level NRIs/NRKs Welfare Committee details were briefed. For more details she requested all Kannadigas to visit nriforum.karnataka.gov.in

Dr. Arathi Krishna suggested all Karnataka Association in overseas to apply online for NRI Forum Karnataka Government of Karnataka recognition. Also she requested all Association Presidents to spread the message with their members, none members can directly apply through online.

She requested all Karnataka people living in Kuwait to visit website nriforum.karnataka.gov.in and register online to get NRK card exclusively for NRK to avail a host of benefits ranging from free Insurance to various health packages.

Highlights of Policy Measures initiated by NRI Forum, Karnataka are:

1. Non Resident Kannada (NRK) card.
2. Creating a network of “Non-Resident Kannadigas”
3. Encouraging Kannada Koota’s all over the World
4. Promotion of Art, Festival and Culture of Karnataka
5. NRIs/NRKs Entrepreneurs Guidance Cell
6. Business Incubation Centre for NRKs
7. Encouraging Cross border Entrepreneurship
8. Facilitation of General Welfare issues of NRIs/NRKs
9. NRIs/NRKs Support Service Centre
10. Welfare Services to Migrant workers and NRIs/NRKs returning home.
The event followed with Question Answer Session, audience raised their concerns on NRI policies and new requests accepted for review.
The function ended with the vote of Thanks by Mr. BM Iqbal.


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