Hyderabad Muslim Welfare Assn HMWA and SeemAndhra Muslim Welfare Assn SMWA – Educational Program

Hyderabad Muslim Welfare Association in association with newly formed Seemandhra welfare association conducted an educational and interactive session with visiting educationist Dr Abdul Qadeer founder of Shaheen group of institution in Bidar Karnataka India. Shaheen has so far trained 900 plus doctors and many high class engineers through intensive coaching programs developed to face various competitive entrance exams like NEET, IIT jee etc. The session started with the recitation of Quran by Master Hafiz Mujtaba. SMWA General secy. Mr Mohiuddin welcome the audience and delivered his welcome speech. He highlighted aims and objectives of SMWA which are awareness and educational activities and to eradicate backwardness of Indian community specially the poor, and thanked all the dignitaries for attending this program and gave good wishes to Shaheen Educational group for their educational activities .

Afterwards Mr. Kareem Irfan who is a dedicated personality has done a lot for the education through various awareness activities programs from a longtime hailed the efforts of Dr Qadeer and highlighted importance of education and urge community to catchup fast changing advances in educational system in India and around the globe and be competitive. He listed various educational opportunities and schemes available in India specially for Muslims whose national level in education presently is very poor and should come forward avail and demand for the access to the higher level of education He gave details of Sachar report also.

Dr Mushtaq spoke about achievements of Dr Qadeer who is working diligently without discriminating caste and creed said Dr Qadeers hard work reminds him of Sir Syed Ahmed who established famous university AMU in India.

FIMA president also highlighted the need of increasing education among Muslims who looks behind in many fields of competitions.

Dr Rumani who is the author of four books in construction management hailed the activities of Shaheen group.

He urged people People to achieve higher education and be helpful to each other to eradicate educational backwardness of indian community.

After that, Mr. Abdul Azeem the president of HMWA talked about how entire community can be benefited in all aspects of educational opportunities available . He gave few statistics of education levels in India and showed concerned regarding the low representation of Muslims in various fields in particular of education. He quoted few good couplets from Poetry of Allama Iqbal which involves shaheen the bird which stands for progress and upliftment .

Khazi Zafer who invited Dr Qader to Kuwait introduced him and highlighted all activities of Shaheen group of institutions.

Finally the main visiting speaker Dr Qadeer delivered his speech spoke how community specially poor getting benefits from institutions. He gave various examples when hopeless and weak students also worked hard through his coaching system and shined in all competitive exams. He urged all Huffaz and other students who are perusing religious educations to avail his schemes and appear for SSC inter and NEET IIT entrance exams.

He said many students from madarsa background attended special intensive coaching through his college and cleared the exams. He said his institution which is having 11000 students from mixed religions and different communities and from various states enjoys friendly atmosphere without feeling of any caste and creed and region and religion feelings under one roof .

Khaleel Ahmed vice president of SMWA conducted the program with very excellent skills and proficiency and reminded people in every interval of program about the importance and benefits of attaining higher education levels and urged all to learn Arabic which is very useful in all aspects of career and life. SMWA president Yezdani basha worked diligently in organizing such a useful program and monitored all the arrangements

Faheem Ahmed thanked all the attendees especially thanked to all invitees who gave precious time to this program and showed concerned for the community.

Attendees dispersed from the session with having dinner arranged by HMWA/SMWA Organizing committee. This was yet another exemplary effort from all members of EC of HWMA and SMWA who work diligently in making this program successful. Volunteers EC members Haji Kareem, Tariq Iqbal , Abdul Jabbar , Ateeq, Mujeed Ur Rahman and Aves Ansari and others worked very hard to make program successful .



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