Resolved to dissolve the notion of “Disability” in SIS

To impart an attitudinal change and to inherit a rightful perception, Smart Indian School, a school that echoes a divergent voice in all that it does, was prestigious to commemorate the “World Disabled Day” on 6th December 2017 in the school auditorium by having graders 6 to 8 as the spellbound performers on stage. The purpose of this observance served to wash off the dust in the mindset of the people by tabooing disabled souls as unable persons and to stress on the only disability a person could have is a bad attitude.

The ever striking students of grades 6 to 8 took varied physical shortcomings in the form of skit on to the stage to enlighten the audience with the situation that many people are oblivion to and at the same time to count each one’s blessings in their lives. Under the guidance of School Principal, Mr. Mahesh Iyer, Student Council of 7 Aries led the day in executing the ideas and organizing it perfectly through the student members. The enactments ranged from Autism, Loss of vision and blindness, Hearing Impaired to Physical Inability.

The performances paved a way to sensitize the seated crowd and to put a halt to the on-going stereotypes that could provide a society-free discrimination and to curtail the additional hardship that differently unable people undergo. The day was furnished by promising to bestow and keep up the rights, dignity, integrity and well-beings of each and every individual all across the world by proclaiming here from this part of Middle Eastern country, Kuwait.


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