After Dinner Date, He Stole Her Credit Card, Laptop. Then Went Shopping

We could have been so good together… but you stole my credit card and laptop. George Michael’s hit number “Careless Whisper” got an unfortunate twist in real-life when a woman was robbed on a date by her date.

As far as bad first dates go, this one should feature right on top. A man from New York’s Staten Island didn’t steal his dinner date’s heart but robbed her after using her card to pay for dinner, New York Post quoted cops.

The duo went on a date on November 19 but after dinner the thief took off with the woman’s credit card and her Macbook which she realised later when she couldn’t find her card.

To make matters experience worse for her, she even noticed the man made several purchases at CVS, H&M and Au Bon Pain.

Police identified the suspect as Antonio Ruiz, a Hispanic man between 30 to 40 years old, reported Daily News.


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