“The highest use of capital is not to make more money but to make money to do more for the betterment of life.”Advancing its policy on charity, the Indian Community School (Senior) Kuwait , has continued its efforts in ameliorating the burden of the less affluent, through financial donations. ICSK Senior has committed itself to this worthy cause since 2014, and continues to imbue a charitable heart in all of its students. The staff and students of the school reliably partake in this endeavour through its many tributaries such as the ‘Birthday Charity Fund’. The school offers students with the unique opportunity to give, out of their own inclination, and resurrect a spirit of chivalry in a world where students are spurred into receiving alone.

In response to news that an Indian national, Mr. Jayesh, 32, had been undergoing treatment as he met with a horrifying accident five months ago, in which he lost his right leg, the ICSK Senior family generously contributed toward his special treatment in India after he had spent a few months at Adan Hospital, Kuwait. Mr. Jayesh is one of many beneficiaries that ICSK Senior has supported for the past four years – many of whom were cancer survivors. Up until now, a sum total of INR. 25 lakh has been provided to underprivileged patients struggling against the harrowing costs of medical treatment in Kuwait. The financial support that ICSK Senior extends comes through as a beacon in a bleak moment, and also inculcates a noble spirit in the minds of the young. Students are bolstered into joining the larger branch of individuals that contribute productively to the betterment of society. And in the process, students encounter an awareness of empathy and dedication toward a larger cause.

Student conveners, staff and parent representatives graced the event, and Dr. V. Binumon, Principal ICSK (Senior), applauded the students and staff for their efforts towards charitable generosity.



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